PSA : Beware of ThunderX3 Scam

There is currently a ThunderX3 scam e-mail circulating amongst some of our partners requesting signatures and personal information in exchange for products. These e-mails, messages, and documents are in no way associated with ThunderX3 and its process of sponsorship.

The requests are typically designed to look like legitimate ones from an official source, but are created by companies and individuals of various sources and origins, using official-sounding names and photos in an attempt to mislead you.

If you have any questions about a message, e-mail, or attachments that you have received, please check with your representative or contact us

We will respond to any submissions through our official e-mail or social media handles. Please check them against the list below to make sure the spelling is an exact match:

ThunderX3 official e-mail:
Facebook: ThunderX3Global
Instagram: @ThunderX3_global
Twitter: @Thunderx3global

VK: @thunderx3
Twitter: @ThunderX3Russia
FB: @ThunderX3Russia
IG: @thunderx3_russia

Below are some signs that can help you easily identify scam attempts from unknown sources :

– Receiving a PDF entitled Document for Partners

– PDF Header with wrong company name and fake US address

– Nonexistent ThunderX3 product (DM/DX)

– Mismatching fake address (Brazil)

– Link to nonexistent ThunderX3 website (thunderxnewsite)

– Fake signature w/ stock photo and fake US company address