The Baskonia squad does not give opportunity to its rivals in Madrid prevailing to all by a clear 3-0

ThunderX3 Baskonia gave no truce to its rivals in Madrid prevailing to all by a clear score of 3 – 0.

ThunderX3 Baskonia obtained its first title as Spain’s Champion in the finals of the first edition of the Super League Orange of League of Legends after defeating its rival KIYF with solid score of 3 – 0. The match took place in the Orange Stadium (Madrid). More than 3 thousand fans attended the event and more than 14 thousand followed it by Twitch and witnessed ThunderX3 Baskonia claim its first league title.

The finals of the first edition of Super League Orange left to our memories the efforts of the Baskonian players – Jorge ‘Werlyb’ Casanovas, Isaac ‘PePii’ Flores, Jesús ‘Falco’ Pérez, Ludvig ‘XDSmiley’ Granquist y Oskar ‘SelfMadeMan’ Boderek – to rise with the trophy.

PePii, Baskonian Mid-Laner, won the MVP award of the finals after an spectacular performance. The MVP award for the 12th season of Super League Orange was also won by a Baskonian, Werlyb, the Top-Laner of the team, who received the votes of members of the LVP, media, and other teams.

After the final match the coach Alvar addressed the team, fans, and sponsors with the following words: “We have worked very hard for this achievement. Everyone has worked to the limit. Thanks to ThunderX3 and Mars Gaming for the support and to all our fans. The victory is also yours”

More than 3 thousand people gathered during the weekend to attended the finals of Super League Orange. The 12th season, as a whole, has achieved historic viewing figures of more than 2.4 million fans, more than 50% growth compared to the previous season.

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