ThunderX3 Baskonia defeats KIYF Logitech G at Madrid Gaming Experience

ThunderX3 Baskonia was crowned champions at the well-known tournament ESL Masters in one of the most exciting editions in recent memory. More than 80.000 visitors attended the Madrid Gaming Experience to feel the action, watch the competition, and to experience the true essence of eSports and videogames at IFEMA, Madrid.


Eight contenders had to bring their A Game and test their mettle to win the grand prize at the Summoner’s Rift from League of Legends. The 3-day event held intense adrenaline fueled duels in which ThunderX3 Baskonia emerged victorious.
‘EMonkeyz’, ‘Valencia CF eSports’, ‘The Penguins Mafia’ and finally, ‘KIYF Logitech G’ couldn’t stand against the supremacy of the Vitorian team. Kudos to the ThunderX3 Baskonia team for raising their game against some of the best teams in the country. The path from the group phases until the finale was a long one, and there was much pride in raising the ESL Masters 2016 Cup at the end of it all. Missed the matches?
Not to worry, you can watch the gameplay on YouTube.
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