CORE.RDY lumbar support technology is a patent-pending system that adapts to your spine’s natural curvature and movement. Unlike other gaming chairs that have fixed or adjustable lumbar cushions, CORE.RDY utilizes an entirely new mechanism to keep your lower back supported even when you don’t have perfect posture. The unique design might amaze you in its simplicity – a cushioned lumbar support pad that tilts just enough in any direction – not only up/down, but also side to side – so that your body always remains in full contact with the backrest behind it. As you make micro-adjustments and change your posture throughout the day, the rotating support adapts and takes the strain off your lower back muscles. Many users have expressed pleasant surprise upon their first experience, followed by relief and satisfaction after a few stress-free hours of use.

Available only in our CORE ergonomic gaming chair line.

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The self-adjusting lumbar support pad is another innovative feature that automatically responds to your sitting position and body shape. The backrest is ergonomically curved to cradle your upper body in high-tensile mesh material and provide support for your torso from all angles. The lumbar support comes from a flexible pad that responds independently to pressure on the lumbar region of your spine. Whether you’re leaning forward or back, the pad acts like a suspension system for your body, keeping your lower body supported at all times. This tech is rarely seen in the gaming chair market, as it adjusts itself automatically to your movement without requiring any manual intervention. It helps prevent lower back pain and fatigue, improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery, and enhances posture and spinal health.

Available only in our XTC ergonomic gaming chair line.

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One of the most distinctive features of the CORE and EAZE ergonomic gaming chairs is the memory foam headrest that conforms to the shape of your head and neck, providing optimal support and comfort. While memory foam headrests aren’t necessarily a rarity on gaming chairs, something you won’t see often is its unique winged shape. This was designed to support your neck from the sides so your upper body muscles can simply relax.TIn addition, the memory foam material adapts to pressure from your body, creating a personalized fit that cradles your head and neck. This also reduces the strain on your muscles, preventing headaches, neck pain, and fatigue. The soft and breathable fabric feels smooth on your skin and keeps you cool and fresh. This headrest is also removable and adjustable, so that you can position it just right.

Available only in our CORE and EAZE ergonomic gaming chair line.


Another innovative feature of the CORE and EAZE ergonomic gaming chairs is the multipurpose under desk footrest that lets you rest your feet in different positions and angles. The footrest has a curved surface that follows the contour of your feet, offering a comfortable and ergonomic support. This is a rare 3-in-1 accessory that sets it apart from similar products. Other than simply supporting your feet, it can also function as a rocking mechanism or it can be positioned under your arms for stability while gaming with a controller. Using it as a footrest helps you relieve pressure from your lower back, hips, knees, and ankles, improving your blood flow and preventing swelling, numbness, or cramps. It can also help you maintain a balanced posture, preventing slouching or hunching over your desk. It’s a versatile product that adds more functionality and flexibility to your gaming chair, and is especially useful for long gaming sessions or when you need a break from sitting straight.

Available for purchase separately from ThunderX3.